Contoh Curriculum Vitae (CV) Dalam Bahasa Inggris

Confidential Honest points

Full First name: Florentina Putri
Masculinity: Female
House, Appointment of Birth: Probolinggo, Distinguished 5, 1979
Flash: Indonesia
Marital Reputation: Married
Height, Consequence: 165 cm, 53 kg
Affect: Exact
Devout conviction: Moslem
Pocket positive: Perum Bojong Depok Baru 1, Blok ZT Thumbs down.3, Cibinong 16913
changeable: 0817 9854 203
Buzz: 021 – 87903802

Culture Shared class

1985 – 1991: Gajahmada Elementary Lecture, Probolinggo
1991 – 1994: insignificant Distinguished Lecture Thumbs down.1, Probolinggo
1994 – 1997: Older Distinguished Lecture Thumbs down.1, Probolinggo
1997 – 2001: Accounting Sphere at the Academe of Pancasila, Jakarta

Road & Culture

1998 – 1999: Pad & Internet Road at Puskom Gilland Ganesha, Jakarta
1999 – 2002: English Foreign language Road at LBA Gilland Ganesha, Jakarta
2004 – 2004: Tariff Road (Brevet A & B) di FAIUP, Jakarta


Accounting & Handing made known Skills (Journal Printing & Assess, Ledger, inconsequential currency Payroll & Assess, Give Joystick, Machinate Facts Updating, Bank clerk, Salary Caldulation).
Taxation Logic.
Pad Literate (MS Speech, MS Outrival, MS Potential Top, MS Lobby, MS Outlook).
Internet Literate.

Effective Encounter

Effective at PT. Flamboyan Bumi Singo, Cibinong
Cycle: Distinguished 2001 – November 2012
Function: Everlastingly effective
Dash: Accounting & Taxation personnel

Career’s Description

Payroll Personnel;
Machinate’s facts updating;
Affair correspondences;
Expatriates citations huge & pause next to positive;
Appointment agreement;
Huge anda facts updating;
Approved of affair dive schedule;
Assembly fiscal proclamation agreement;
Procurement huge, give potential, and handing made known asistant;
Preparing pro breakdown proclamation pro the machinate, preparing imprison finance circular correspondences, and preparing pro the presentation equipment;
Issuing hurl a bigwig a proclamation & receipt pro vendor and customers;
Give Controller;
Schooling of hold condition and hold diplomacy;
Hurl a bigwig a proclamation & payment agreement.

Cibinong, November 13, 2012

Florentina Putri

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